Formatting CV

As a dedicated Job seeker you may spend hours together to get a perfect CV. We at DIGITAM Intellects guide you with the best of Resume Tips with our experts. Here, are few things to be considered while getting your Perfect Resume:

  1. Keep your Resume with valuable information of yourself. Always, mention your full name, address, email & Phone number.
  2. Highlight your resume with numbers, personal interests, hobbies, Awards & Recognitions, Certifications e.t.c.
  3. Keep the sentences short and simple and use bullets for description.
  4. Never use paragraphs and colour in the sentences.
  5. Make your skill set and qualifications as a biggest impact in the first go.
  6. Your achievements to be highlighted in a separate section.
  7. Job responsibilities to be clearly mentioned with your role and functions with the Company you have worked.

To know more about the best of CV, please visit us in our branch and we would love to assist you in further shaping of your resume.