Our Training Services :

  • Recruitment of candidates.
  • Bridging the gap between the student from College to getting the candidate ready for job.
  • Training the candidates and grooming them in all means to face the Interview.
  • Judging them on skills assessment during their training. .Preparing the Fresher’s with Psychometric Tests & assigning grades for the test.
  • As per the Grade Sheets their key areas of the candidates would be strengthened.
  • Designing with Career Planning to the candidates for better prospective.
  • Placing them as per their career motive with the wide spread opportunities in the market.

Our Training Team :

Our Training Team consists of One Professionally experienced Trainer with rich experience in Corporate.


Areas of Training –

  • Knowledge on basic skills required for the interview .
  • Techniques to develop the skills and attitude for proper efficiency in the job.
  • Making the candidates explain about their role and career flexibility.
  • Identifying the candidates strengths and weakness and keep them focused.

Methods of Training –

  • Creating a system of Psychometric tests to evaluate the candidates effectiveness.
  • Ensuring that there is a proper linkage among the organizational, operational & individual training needs.
  • Setting up Ice breaking sessions along with communication, skills assessment, role play, lateral thinking techniques, team building games, leadership e.t.c.
  • Organizing Seminars with Top Rated Experienced Professionals in Sales & Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, BPO & IT along with training.

Training Modules :

  • Designing a training schedule for the candidates as per their assessment.
  • Fixing up a Training calendar for the candidates.
  • Conducting Career building programmes along with evaluation and brain storming of candidates.
  • Preparing the candidates to handle any given circumstance, objection handling techniques and many more.
  • Developing their interpersonal skills and lateral thinking aptitude.
  • Closely monitoring them and ensuring the right placement once they are completely done with the training.